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We provide fully serviced individual & executive offices, team spaces and everything else you need to stay connected and focused on things that matter to your business. In summary, you just have to walk in an InstaOffice and get down to work instantly

At InstaOffice we repeatedly say that an office space is more than just a desk, hence we emphasize on 4 main factors why anyone would take an office with us :

  • Space - Our spaces are located at prime locations in Gurgaon - Sector 32, Golf course road, Sohna road and sector 50. We offer flexible workspace solutions including Coworking Spaces, Business Centres, Private Offices, Open Workstations, Meeting Rooms and Flexi-Seating.
  • Services - A productive day is a result of excellent services hence all our centres have Hi Speed Internet with Firewall and bandwidth management. You will always find freshly brewed coffee in our pantry and lounge area. Meetings form an important part of your daily routine and we make sure that you have a comfortable meeting with audio and video conferencing options.
  • Community - A well networked and vibrant community, with access to our biweekly Unwind Sessions that enable you to hear and network with the change makers and experts in the industry. We go an extra mile to provide you an infrastructure to grow and have partnered with Dexter capital investment and Startup Europe India network to provide access to mentors and investors for our members.
  • Team - A happy day for you means a happy day for us - hence our team works hard to not only make it a good day for you but rather a happy day for both of us. Each of our space has a happiness manager that you can always approach along with dedicated team of IT admins, office manager and support staff. In any case, I am always accessible on my email ID and phone.

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Our offices include Private cabins, open desks and meeting rooms, suited for a single person to a large team and can be booked for a day to long term. As we have no-lock in periods or heavy deposits, we can offer the flexibility and customization you and your team needs.
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What all do you get
Facilities and Services in our spaces
Open Lounge
Open Lounge with pantry area and a breakout space environment
Hi Speed leased line Internet, with multiple access points, Firewall and bandwidth Management.
Open Pantry
We have tied up with Cafe Coffee Day to provide fresh coffee & tea. Snacks and eatables are also always in stock.
Video Conferencing
Meeting rooms with on demand video conferencing. On site technical support and pre-tested systems.
Dedicated Parking
The space has parking facility available
Runner Services
We have tied up with Runnr to provide you with runner services across Delhi NCR
IT/Admin Support
On site dedicated IT Admin available for any requirements from your end
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Our members include Consultants, Freelancers, SME's, Startups, Design and Marketing agencies, Sales teams, MNC's and people from different backgrounds.
Are you running a business or thinking of starting one?
We believe that an office space is much more than a desk, hence we are in a constant pursuit to provide the resources, support system and the network needed by someone who is running a business or thinking of running one in the future. We know it's hard, and we want to help you in any way we can.
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What is InstaOffice?
InstaOffice brings you a range of solutions that can meet a diverse range of needs, including privacy, hierarchy, networking, etc. We leverage economies of scale to make our solutions affordable for all kinds of businesses. You can choose the configuration you like, depending on the specific needs of your business. Because of our ability to adapt to different sets of needs, we are not an interim solution provider. We offer a long-term economically viable solution for all your office space requirements.
For most entrepreneurs and small businesses, business centres tend to be too expensive, while co-working spaces do not offer the right degree of privacy for a growing or established business.
We also know that our customers don’t want to be held back by poor quality services. This is why, for a single, all-inclusive price, all our customers get access to standardized, high quality services across the board.
If I choose to work from a business centre or a co-working space, what services are included in the price?
We charge an all-inclusive price—this means that each of our customers gets access to all the services required for them to have a productive day at work. These include:
  • Access to a professional workspace
  • High speed internet
  • Administrative and IT support
  • Utilities like electricity, water and maintenance
  • Security and housekeeping services
  • Access to other amenities like pantry, reception area, lounge, etc
  • Beverages like tea, coffee, etc

Any special requirements you may have besides these can be covered by our additional services (available on a pay-as-you-go basis) that include meeting room usage, videoconferencing facilities, runner support, telephone services, etc.
What documentation do I need?
For individuals, we require a photo ID and address proof for all users. For companies, we additionally need a copy of their PAN card as well as a copy of the Memorandum of Association (MoA).
What is a business centre ?
A business centre is a professionally managed commercial facility that offers end-to-end business infrastructure and services for short and medium term periods.
How is a business centre different from a conventional office?
Unlike conventional leasing offices, a business centre does not have long lock-in periods and large security deposits. You can simply book a business centre according to your requirements.
Is it true that business centres are very expensive?
This is a common assumption. However, in reality, since all the resources in a business centre are shared, customers are able to utilize premium facilities at a lower cost than in a traditional office.
What services are available in a business centre?
Business centres offer end-to-end professional services to all types of organizations. Apart from refined furnishings and best-in-class IT infrastructure, such as high speed leased lines, internet backups, data security, VPN, firewalls, etc, our business centres also include business concierge services and administrative support.
How is the billing done in a business centre?
Billing in a business centre is done simply on a pay-for-what-you-use basis. Tell us about any specific requirements you may have, such as location, office size, layout, number of workstations, administration and support facilities, etc, and we'll send you the best quote to use our services. There are no hidden costs.
Is it safe to work in a business centre?
Yes. All our private offices are lockable. Every guest has access to personal lockable storage. Also, the whole office is under 24/7 surveillance. Even outside of business hours, there is always a security guard present.
What kinds of users generally opt to work in a business centre?
A business centre caters to a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations, from MNCs to SMEs to governmental organizations or startups. While startups and freelancers benefit from the flexible and cost-effective solution that a serviced office provides, larger firms are able to rapidly achieve a highly professional solution to their business needs.
What is the minimum and maximum period for which I can use a business centre?
Some of our guests have signed up for several years, while others use our offices for a few days every month. You can sign up to use our business centres for any period of time ranging between a few hours to multiple years.
What is the minimum and maximum size of an office in a business centre?
Our private offices can seat between 2-40 people. Our configurations can be changed to accommodate even larger teams.
What if I hire more people?
We understand the changing dynamics of businesses, and so our co-working solutions are fully scalable. At any point, should you choose to scale your workforce up or down, just let us know. We would be glad to provide an appropriate solution for your needs.
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